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The Club asks for a $2000.00 deposit to secure the date due within 14 days of receipt of this letter. After the Club receives the deposit, 50% is refundable up to 90 days from the event date if the event is cancelled. If the event is cancelled within 90 days of the event date, the deposit is forfeited in full. In the event of a date change, there will be a $1000.00 fee. The deposit will be credited to the final bill. For delivery or drop-off orders, a $250.00 deposit will be charged until all Club-owned dishes and caterware are returned. Once returned, this deposit will be credited back to your account.

Guarantee of guests
A guaranteed guest count is required 14 days prior to the event date. That number may be altered down by 10% up to 7 days from the event date. We will accept more guests if at all possible during that time period.

Figure 8 Island Yacht Club does not assume responsibility for the loss or damage of items stored or displayed on club property. Each member is responsible for any damages to Club property caused by the member or their guests. This includes any sub contractors the member may have hired. Charges for all damages will be billed to the member's account.
Sparklers are strictly prohibited for use anywhere in or near the Club.

All guests attending a function at Figure 8 Island Yacht Club must obtain clearance through the security gate. It is the responsibility of the host or hostess of the function to provide security with an alphabetized guest list prior to the function date.

Sales Tax and Service Charge
All food and beverage costs are subject to a 20% service charge, and total costs (food, beverage, rentals and service) are subject to 6.75% North Carolina Sales Tax.

Please advise the Club of all entertainment being provided for functions. When possible, please provide a copy of any band riders to the catering manager. If the function is taking place outside or under a tent, all music must end by 11:00 p.m. The Club reserves the right to control the level of volume of the music at all times.

The Club will provide a full accounting within 5 days of the event and payment is due upon receipt. Any deposits will be credited to the final bill.

Beverage Options

All liquor must be provided by the Club and is charged on a consumption basis (you pay for only what you consume).

If the wine is chosen from the Club wine list, it is charged on a consumption basis per bottle opened. If the host provides the wine, a corkage fee of $15.00 is charged per 750ml bottle opened. The Club will also offer to purchase any wine for the host at a 10% markup of the wholesale price and charge a corkage fee of $15.00 for each 750ml bottle
opened. The host agrees to take receipt of all unopened wine.

If normally carried by the Club, beer is charged per bottle consumed. If a brand is not normally carried, the Club will purchase any brand and charge per bottle consumed and the host must take receipt of any unopened product. If a keg of beer is requested, the host is charged for the full keg whether fully consumed or not.

Soft Drinks
To be provided by the Club only and charged on a consumption basis per glass.


Bar Staff
There is no additional charge for usual and customary bar staff, unless the host is supplying the bar products (for off-site functions only). In the event that the host is stocking his or her own bar, a fee of $75.00 for the first 3 hours, and $15.00 per hour, per staff person, for each additional hour, will apply.

No additional charge for usual and customary service staff.

Service Guidelines

Cocktail Party
Four hours of service labor is included in food and bar pricing. This includes 30 minutes of set-up, 3 hours of service, and 30 minutes of tear-down. Additional labor will be billed at $15.00 per staff person, per hour. 

Dinner Party
Five hours of service labor is included in food and bar pricing. This includes 1 hour of set-up, 3 hours of service, and 1 hour of tear-down. Additional labor will be billed at $15.00 per staff person, per hour. 

Menu Planning
Accurate menu planning is essential. Your communication and cooperation during this process gives us the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. The enclosed menu serves as a guide when planning your event. The Club's catering manager and chef are available to assist in customizing menus to fit your needs. Menus should be finalized with the catering manager no later than two weeks prior to the event date. All reception items are based upon one hundred piece minimums. For a pre-function cocktail reception, a minimum of three Hors d' Oeuvres per person is required. For a cocktail party, a minimum of nine Hors d' Oeuvres is required. For both buffets and seated events, the Club requires your menu to cover your guaranteed number. Partial items will not be accepted (i.e., one hundred shrimp for two hundred guests).

Booking Agreement Policy
Upon completion of your final plans, you will receive an event contract, which you should review, sign, and return to the catering manager in advance of your event date. Should the Club fail to receive the signed contract, we will conclude that the contents are correct and the event contract will serve as the final agreement for your arrangements with the Club.