> Club Rules  

A. Member’s spouse has the same privileges as the Club Member.

B. Member’s or spouse’s parents, children, stepchildren, grandchildren and siblings shall have the same privileges as Members while overnight houseguests of a Member on the island.

C. Upon written request of a Member, overnight houseguests will be issued a guest card by the Yacht Club office.

D. Guests who are not property owners may use all Club facilities when accompanied by a Member.

E. Guests who are property owners may use the Club two times each year when accompanied by a Member.

F. Renters of Figure Eight Island houses may not use the Club’s facilities unless accompanied by a Member.

G. All transactions, sales or services for Club use will be charged to the Club Member’s account. Club invoices are due in full by the last day of each month. Payments are not accepted from Member’s business accounts, non-Members or family relatives.

H. Social, business and/or non-social use of the Club may be held in the Club building by Club Members and/or family relatives. The Club must have permission in writing from the Club Member for family relatives to hold a private function. Club Member and/or family relative must attend the function and assume responsibility for guests and their actions. The entire Club may be reserved when the date does not interfere with regularly scheduled functions.

A. No media publicity is permissible unless approved by the President or Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

B. Posters, banners, displays, etc. are unacceptable unless approved by the President or Vice-President.

I. Figure Eight Island Yacht Club is a non-profit organization and as such, the Internal Revenue Service strictly limits the percentage of service that can be provided to non-Member guests. The Club is required to document the percentage of Member/non-Member charges.

J. Any Member in good standing or surviving spouse who sells his or her Figure Eight Island property may apply for Senior Guest status under the following conditions:

A. The Senior Guest must be at least 65 years of age and have owned property on Figure Eight Island for a minimum of five years.

B. The Senior Guest must agree to pay dues and associated Club charges but will be exempt from assessments.

C. The Senior Guest will not have dock lease privileges.

D. The Senior Guest will have not voting privileges.

E. The Senior Guest must follow the Club’s rules and regulations.

K. Club policy does not allow smoking inside the Clubhouse. Smoking is allowed on the marina deck, east deck and at the front entrance. All cigars and cigarettes should be extinguished in the urns provided.